Bollywood Stars not allowed to visit Ajmer Sharif Dargah?

Over the years many Bollywood stars have come to Muslim shrines across India to pray for a good and healthy life but one of the top Muslim shrines in India have reportedly accused these stars of misusing the religious site for commercial purpose.

According to reports, Zain-ul-Abadin Ali Khan in charge of the Ajmir shrine Rajhistan said, “They are using the Holy place, a prime center of religious belief, for purely commercial purpose and for degrading moral values among people”. It has been said that the films today are full of obscenity and double meaning words and expressions which is a sin, further he added. “I strongly condemn and object to the visit of film actors, actresses, directors and producers to the dargah to seek blessings for such things which are taboo.”

The statement doesn’t seem to point to anyone in particular.

The dargah has seen stars like gorgeous Katrina Kaif, Mega star Amitab Bachan, Desi girl Priyanka Chopra,the team of Blood Money, King Khan Shahrukh and many others who have paid a visit to shoot up their box office collections, though none of the actors have reacted on the statements let us hope that this doesn’t spark a new controversy around.