41 year old American lady arrives Sialkot to marry a young boy

Age is just a number. Well, yes! It is for this couple, 21-year-old Sialkoti boy Kashif and 41-year-old American veterinarian Maria fell in love on social media Instagram. Kahif somehow managed to flatter Maria through her Instagram direct messages and their love story started.


American lady marrying Sialkoti boy


Kashif and Maria spoke over the internet for 10 months before she decided to come all the way to Pakistan to marry her young groom, Kashif’s loved filled messages apparently truly won Maria’s heart. Love truly knows no bounds.


As everyone was eager to know more about their love story, the couple was forced into a very cringy interview which is viral all over internet. The interviewer has some hilarious questions for the couple; he asks if Kashif is faking his love for the American passport. People are also making memes on this couple.


Other than that, it is revealed that Maria has converted to Islam and Kashif says he is going to teach about Islam and also Namaz.


Well! Let’s see how far their love story goes. We wish the couple good luck for their future ahead.


Watch the interview below:



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