Aamir Liaquat expresses his love for 2nd wife Tuba on Twitter

Who knows how to stay in news by doing or saying the most absurd things? You got it right. Aamir Liaquat. But this time he wanted to go for the cheesiest and the people on twitter are going over the edge to put him down.



Well a few months back, Aamir Liaquat’s picture with his second wife, had leaked out. To which, he had nothing to speak about. Of course it was too personal and we understand. But even then people who knew him for the good or bad, came down bashing him. Just when we started to wonder what could keep him quiet for so long, the International Day of Girl Child arrived. In this regard, Aamir Liaquat posted a picture of his new wife, Syeda Tuba Anwar, with a caption in all love and support. The caption read as:



Then it just took minutes for our people to give him the attention that he keeps asking for. Some people wished his new wife goodness while others thought that he should have posted something for his daughter, Bushra, and first wife, too.


Right after, the new wife who is also a manager at BOL network, came up with a response to hubby’s love post. This not only brought the husband more attention, but also comments from people who thought she was too innocent to marry Aamir Liaquat.


Reply to Aamir Liaquat’s tweet from his second wife:



Well, Aamir Liaquat surely knows how to keep reminding us of his existence and somehow makes it to the trending.


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