Akshay Kumar did a 45 feet high stunt for Khiladi 786

Bollywood Khiladi, Akshay Kumar recently performed a stunt for his up coming movie Khiadi 786. He jumped from the height of 45 feet without any safety measures. Although a cable and a harness was organized for this scene but Akshay decided to let go of the safety measures with only mattresses and card board boxes to cushion his fall on the ground.

Apparently the stunt director instited Akshay to use cable and harness for safety but Akshay refused. The entire unit got together to watch Akshay’s stunt scene and were amazed at his decision to do it without any duplicate and safety measures.

In the scene Akshay jumps from balcony of a Bungalow to come face to face with his co start Asin. The entire unit clapped at the one take shot. Everyone was stunned at Khiladi’s act and couldn’t stop complementing Akshay.

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