Ali Azmat telling us about Azerbaijan in Ittehad Ramzan

Ittehad Ramzan transmission 2017 on A-Plus TV is almost coming to an end. Seems like the celebrities and the host Shaista Lodhi have done a commendable job. They traveled all the way to different Muslim cities to show their culture.


This time Ali Azmat, the famous Pakistani singer travels all the way to Azerbaijan and tells us about the culture, city and the people in the country.



He gives a tour of the country and tells the audience about it. Over 96.9% of the population of Azerbaijan is nominally Muslim. People in Azerbaijan love Pakistani people. Whenever they meet someone from Pakistan they talk politely with them and also give a lot of respect.


Most people speak Russian rather than Azerbaijani as their second language. The Azerbaijani language is part of the Oghuz, or Western Turkic, group of Turkic languages, together with Anatolian Turkish (spoken in Turkey) and Turkmen (spoken in Turkmenistan). Some also speak Arabic as well.


The country has a large variety of food in the city, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Asian and many more.


One of the city is Sumqayit. There was a guy called “Sum” and he once saved many people from death in the Sea, he managed to save a lot of people but unfortunately he could not survive. His lover used to go to the sea every time and say “Sumqayit” which means ” Sum come back”. Therefore the city was named Sumqayit afterwards. The city has a population of around 298,000, making it the third-largest city in Azerbaijan.


Theres a organisation in Sumqayit which is called “Asaan Khidmat” they help vulnerable people, the people who are not financially stable or are in need. The organisation help by getting charity, which is very helpful and a good deed.


Watch the video below:



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