Ali Saleem (Begum Nawazish Ali) arrested with Drugs

Liquor bottles in rooms is probably not a new trend, but being found is definitely becoming one. Famous Pakistani actor and TV host, Ali Saleem (AKA Begum Nawazish Ali) has been arrested from a guest house yesterday in DHA phase 5, Karachi.



The actor was taken in to custody after a raid by Clifton police, spotted alcohol and drugs in his room. Ali was sharing the room with a friend.


According to SSP South Umar Shahid, a case has been filed against the suspects for drug possession. Not a lot of people know but this is not the first time for Ali to be put in to the jail. Previously, he had been behind the bars for domestic torture to his mother, Farzana, in Bani Gala.


The news opened up when pictures of the actor and his friend in the police station made rounds on the social media. Also, a video of Ali Saleem apologizing to the police officer for his emotional outburst and the police officer saying that investigation is still in process, went viral.


Another thing that made it really a news was Meera’s interview where she claimed that Ali was innocent. The actress elaborated that she was in the same guest house but in a different room. She added that Ali was a part of the shoot with her.


Even though she cleared out that she doesn’t know what was going on in Ali’s room, Meera said that she would help out as much as she can being a fellow artist.


The investigation is still on and we hope that it is not honey and olive oil again. Let’s see where this goes.


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