Farhan Saeed step out from film Karachi Se Lahore 3

Earlier, it was reported that the Suno Chanda star Farhan Saeed will be doing his debut in Wajahat Rauf’s Karachi Se Lahore 3. We spotted Farhan Saeed in a picture on social media sitting across the table with the team of the film reading the script, but the news was not confirmed by the director or the star Farhan himself.



Recently Farhan said to the public that “I was offered the lead in Karachi Se Lahore 3 with Kubra Khan but unfortunately I had to opt out because of my music tours and concerts that I had already committed to,” Therefore because of his musical tours and concerts as a reason to not appear in the film.


The director Wajahat Rauf mentioned how Farhan was only in talks and nothing was yet finalized. “We are still searching for an actor for the role and will be announcing the complete cast in a few days time.”


“I would never want to commit to something I can’t give my full attention to,” said Farhan.


The fans are now let down because of this news, but we wish him good luck for his upcoming musical tours and concerts.


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