Hamza Ali Abbasi at Aisha Khan’s Mehndi function


We had recently shared with you the news of Aisha Khan leaving the showbiz and announcing her engagement with Major Uqbah Hadeed. The wedding details that we revealed showed that the wedding will be held on 15th April. Well to no wonder, the events have already started.


Mayun had taken place where Aisha kept it simple in a typical yellow dress.


Last night the mehndi function of Major and Aisha made a buzz on social media. Aisha wore a beautiful ensemble and looked genuinely happy with her to-be-better half. The outfits of the bride and groom complimented one another in maroon and gold.


Also, Aisha’s best friend made it to the mehndi night. He was captured in a photograph with the couple. Earlier, on the announcement of Aisha’s engagement, people had been questioning her relationship with Hamza. To which Aisha responded in a lighter way, saying ‘Best friend hai, gawaah banega’. Seems like the best friends are living it up.


We wish the couple a happily ever after.


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