Imran Abbas is probably getting married this year

We know this will break every girl a little inside but isn’t it just as much exciting? Imran Abbas is no more single!!!



The most recent episode of “Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada” is out. The guest, Imran Abbas who looked ever-dapping, revealed that he is getting married soon. Imran said that he probably will come with a little baby for another episode with Samina Peerzada, and we can’t stop awww-ing.


When asked about being in love, Imran said that it is no more the truly, deeply, madly in love kind of a thing, in fact it is different and a long story in itself.


The show has released but these revelations by one of the most adored actor had already made a buzz with a single teaser. So now we know that Aiman and Muneeb’s wedding is not the only awaited upcoming wedding, since people are already making Imran Abbas’s wedding a talk of the town.


Well this gives us just as much happiness as heartbreaks. But we wish Imran a happy life ahead.



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