Imran Khan to gain weight for Sonakshi Sinha

The handsome hunk Imran Khan, known for his skinny or rather a lean physique is trying his level best to get his body fit and broad.

While sources revealed that he is working on his body for his role in sequel to Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. The fact is that Imran Khan wants to look physically compatible with healthy Sonakshi Sinha on screen.

According to the sources, this chocolate hero is getting in to serious body building so that he can been seen in the frame with Sonakshi.

The film will reportedly go on floors in Augest which means he has some time to workout on his fitness regime.

The hot actress Sonakshi, who has always maintained her figure with no mood to adjust her figure but if these rumors stands true Imran will not only compromise on his physique but we will also get to see his different avatars.

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