Models making fun of Zara Noor in hotel room


One of the most prestigious fashion shows, Fashion Pakistan Week was going on for the last two day with great zeal. Here we have a highlighted incident of FPW Day 1. Zara Noor Abbas was chosen as the showstopper for FnkAsia by Huma Adnan.


She portrayed an empress with an attitude and fierce, which people are awestruck at. It was one of the demands made by the designer. However, a video got viral on social media of Pakistani models mocking and humiliating the pretty actress’s ramp walk and style. The audience totally loved her new avatar, after seeing her do innocent roles in dramas.


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The video rotated and caught Zara‘s attention. The actress took in turn, this opportunity to take it to social media and pour her heart out. The newly-wed actress posted the video and highlighted how women bash other women and bring them down. She also made it clear that the drama added was the requirement of the designer and that the designer was happy with it. She also made a point about how designers prefer actors over models to showcase their showstopper collection.



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