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ARY BOOK OF RECORDS, Pakistan’s first ever book of records show is here,
If you have any record just mail it to not only you will appear in his show but you will also get registered in the first Book of Records
of Pakistan, releasing soon. Show will appear on ARY MUSIK.

Emergency landing of Saif Ali Khan

On board the British Airway’s Mumbai-London flight that made an emergency landing on Thursday following a fire warning in the cockpit, Saif Akli Khan was travelling in that flight.

Flight BA-138, that took off from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport at 3 am, was 30 minutes into journey when the pilot heard a fire alarm in the cockpit. He immediately decided to return and a full emergency was declared at the airport. The aircraft landed at 4.10 am with all its 207 passengers safe.

Saif was going to London to take part in his ex-school (Winchester’s) alumni function. A bit rattled by the incident, the actor is said to have told a co-passenger, “I’m grateful to Allah for protecting me.” He then headed to his flat in Bandra and took a flight later in the afternoon to London.

Saif is expected to reach Mumbai in the early hours of Saturday and was unavailable for comment. However, his manager Zahid did say, “By the grace of God, it wasn’t anything too serious.

Source : Times of India

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