Pepsi Battle of the Bands 3: Judges selected Top 8 bands for next round

The scintillating first episode of Pepsi Battle of the Bands new season has given the show a great start. Some amazing music and some memorable first performances and we now look towards the second episode. The judges continue their search for the next EP, the next Kashmir and we are eagerly awaiting that moment.



Straight from a wedding to the big stage, arrived KAGHZ. They gave their own render of Taara Jala by Junoon to the judges. Melodic, subtle at first and then Kaghz picked it up midway through with some great bass and incredible drumming.


Being one of Meesha‘s favorite songs, she was all praise for the vocalist, praising her own identity while singing the classic and even gave her a small pinas a wedding present because of her efforts to make the stage #GirlBoss. Nice touch Meesha. Both Farooq and Fawad followed praising the band’s vocals and how good they are as a group, and then proceeding to shortlist them.



Déjà vu were up next, who have apparently been playing for a while and have the experience to make this outing a success. Their soul + jazz combo combined with a brush of rock n roll feel to it, really wow’d the judges who clapped off their performance. Fawad loved the ‘lazy’ style of the band and said he loved hearing them play with Meesha voicing the same sentiments saying their own style to the music is what drew her attention. Fawad even chipped in later with a suggestion of a name change for the band Déjà Blues, our judges are getting creative. Farooq commented on the band having their own identity and that their UNIQUENESS is what made them stand out and be on the shortlist.



BAYAAN – These young rock stars have their first outing on the grand stage of Pepsi Battle of the Bands and they absolutely nailed it. Their own song Farda was fantastic, it even had our judges rocking to the beat. The band nailed the mood, the flair and the style down to a tee. They were clapped by the judges, praised for the vocals and the pop-feel of the song they performed. Farooq even went on to say that if the song was on Radio he’d tune in to have them play it again. Fawad followed stating the song they performed was very soothing, yet mature and said it could be commercialized. Meesha said that the band were really great to listen to and that they should sing what they feel, because that’s where the sound comes from before shortlisting them.



21 The Band– The name is as unique as their style. The punk rock band performed Taare which was a thoroughly enjoyable song, especially for Meesha knowing her style. The guys let loose, they rocked out with their vocals, the guitar and the drumming proper showcasing that they in fact are, a punk rock band. Farooq went on to praise the band and their style, stating this is what he wants and what the show should produce and he didn’t even write any comments on the band cause he enjoyed the performance that much. Fawad said the song alone had the potential to be a big hit and he’d definitely like to see the group in the next round, because he thoroughly enjoyed the original-ness of the performance.



Judges encouraged the bands that performed to continue playing with the same heart and desire, to keep thriving and invited them the next time Pepsi BoB is in town. The bands that proceed to the next round are





Déjà vu






The stage is set, the bands are ready, and the judges are ready too. Are you?


Pepsi Battle of the Bands season 3 Top 8 Bands



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