Pepsi Battle of the Bands finale is a biggest musical treat (Performances)

The Grand Finale of Pepsi Battle of the Bands is full of entertainment! The energetic performances by the bands and the judges blew the audiences mind away! The winner was also revealed from the top 2 bands, Badnaam and Kashmir.


Pakistan’s most famous actors were also present at the grand finale to join the host and the judges. Host Ayesha Omar and Vasay Chaudhry did a fantastic job at hosting. The judges , Fawad Khan, Shahi Hassan, Meesha Shafi and Atif Aslam welcomed the heart throb of Pakistan, our very own, Ali Azmat, The rock star performed a song titled “Pataal Say” that he composed with Ahsan Bari especially for the show and did an amazing performance to start the show with.


Afterwards, Shahi who is also a judge on the show gave a rock-hard performance on the song “Namumkin” that was written by Shoaib Mansoor and composed by Vital Signs. Shahi told everyone what this song meant to him and his band members, Rohail Hyatt and the late Junaid Jamshed. Together with Ahsan Bari on guitars and Daud Ramay from Roots on drums, Shahi’s band came together to outstanding performance!


The beautiful judge, none other but Meesha Shafi gave her electrifying performance on a brand-new track titled, “Speaker Phar Diyay” She did a tremendous act on the stage.



Josh, together with their skyrocketing energy came together to perform “Haseena Baliye” on Pepsi Battle of the Bands! With their Bhangra ambiance to the show!


Previous winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, Aaroh performed next, They brought back some great nostalgia with a terrific performance of their popular song “Na Kaho”. The band also paid tribute to the late Haider Hashmi, who was one of their band members.


The handsome, not only Pakistan’s favorite but also Bollywood’s rock star singer, Atif Aslam, blew the audiences away with unbelievable performance on “Pak Watan”.


At last, the hunk Fawad Khan with the Entity Paradigm, known as E.P made a comeback exclusively for the Grand Finale with a stellar performance on their hit track “Hamesha”. It was an Energizing performance.


The TOP 2 Badnaam and Kashmir also gave their one last final performance on the show before the results were announced! Their progress throughout the show was truly admirable as they brought some of their finest originals to the Grand Finale. Both the bands took us down memory lane in flashback videos that established their overall progress and how close they grew to the platform itself.



Kashmir performed “Parwana Hun”, giving it all they had. From keyboards and rhythm to bass and drums, all the instruments unified to produce a magnetic sound. Vais did his usual magic on guitars and Bilal swept everyone away with his mesmerizing vocals.


Badnaam performed “Deh Khudaya” and it seemed like they were saving their best for last, leaving incredible impression on the audience and the judges! The trio, Lala Ahsen, Rahim Shahbaz and their front man Ahmed Jilani, is the perfect power packed band dedicated to forwarding the message of Sufi saints with a touch of Rock!


Lastly it was time when The Pepsi Battle of the Bands announce their final results after seeing some great performances by the bands and judges, the hosts Ayesha Omar and Vasay Chaudhry invited past winner and front man of Aaroh, Farooq Ahmed as well as Furqan Ahmed Syed, VP and GM of PepsiCo to reveal the winner. KASHMIR band was the winner and they were awarded with a trophy as well as 50 lac cash prize, whereas BADNAAM was rewarded with 25 lac cash prize for runners-up! Both bands have the opportunity to record albums and perform live in concerts all across Pakistan, with the support of Pepsi.


The show has come to an end but it is just a beginning for the both bands!


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