Waqar Zaka arrested with Sheesha last night

Waqar Zaka has been in news once again. Since yesterday, a news has been taking rounds on social media and news channels about the celebrity being caught and arrested with Sheesha and Liquor in his car. Well the former VJ has cleared the air with a video on his official accounts.


Waqar Zaka arrested with Sheesha


Waqar admitted that he was caught with a Sheesha in his car but no Liquor, and even the Sheesha was not in use. But the police did arrest and filed an FIR against him. The video was shot in a car where the Investigation Officer of the case agreed with the him.


There were also a few channels saying that Waqar Zaka was drunk, which he was not. The Living On The Edge star said that the media was just putting him into hot water for no reason and so he had to clarify once and for all. He also challenged the media authorities to review the news and post with correction after clarification from the police officers.


No restaurants or caf├ęs are serving Sheesha since there’s a strict ban on it these days and this incident has proved that no one will be spared if caught with a Sheesha. This is also one of the points made by Waqar Zaka in his video.



Well, we guess that’s it and no more should be said about this case.


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