Shocking: Zayn Malik is no more a Muslim

Recently Pakistani-British singer, Zayn Malik was all over social media when pictures of him with his girlfriend Gigi Hadid and family, celebrating Eid went up. And just a couple of months down, the ex-One Direction singer took it to public and announced that he is no more a Muslims.


Zayn Malik is no more a Muslim


Zayn told Vogue, that he always kept his beliefs private but one thing that he is sure about is that he doesn’t follow Islam. He further explained that praying five times a day and eating a certain kind of meat is just not his thing and it was not at all a big deal to drop Islam. When asked about his parents’ reactions, he said that they always gave him an option to choose.


Well, if Muslim girls hadn’t been set off with him not being single, we are sure this is putting them off, finally. The social media is going crazy after the singer’s revelations and a big Pakistani and Muslim fan following is enraged and losing faith in music and Zayn himself too.


We are sure many of you are still shocked but if that’s how he puts it, that’s how it is.


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