Hania Amir, Kubra Khan, Iqra Aziz at Parde Mein Rehne Do premiere

Do Knot Disturb
Directed by: David Dhawan
Producer by: Vashu Bhagnani
Starring: Govinda, Ritesh Deshmukh, Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Sohail Khan, Ranvir Shorey, Rajpal Yadav
Music Dir: Nadeem Saifee, Shravan Kumar

Director David Dhawan and Producer Vashu Bhagnani called off their relationship after delivering a series of blockbusters like Coolie No. 1, Hero No.1, Biwi No.1, Chhote Miyan Bade Miyan few years back.

Since their split, both of them tasted failure and success with mix results. But, believe it or not, this is the only pair in Hindi Cinema since last decade that has not given even a single flop and their results at the box office have been 100%. The duo unites after a long gap to deliver another laugh riot and again with their favorite star Govinda.

Govinda ends his series of debacles with David Dhawan's Partner two years back. In between he gave some mediocre films. Do Knot Disturb is a resurrection for both Producer No. 1 Vashu Bhagnani and Actor No. 1 Govinda. Do Know Disturb comes with a statutory warning "please do not disturb your conscience or logic while watching this film!" David Dhawan has made many a flick with the same theory and he repeats the trick in Do Knot Disturb.

As a director, David Dhawan, has delivered what was expected from him. No one expects a serious and logically progressing film from him and in his latest he remains honest to his name and fame.

The film is loosely based on a Hollywood flick. David presents Govinda as rich business tycoon. He is married to gorgeous and beautiful Sushmita Sen. To make his life adventurous and advancing, he gets into an extra marital relationship with a super model (Lara Dutta). But, it is not easy for him to keep the skeleton inside the cabinet.

So he employs a waiter (Ritesh Deshmukh) to pose as this model's boy friend. With the entry of this love triangle, the square becomes not only multidimensional but the whole trigonometry of love life goes hilarious. David Dhawan throws in jokes after jokes in this thin story line and keeps you holding your stomach again and again to control the laugh attacks.

Govinda as an entertainer strikes back. He shows his mettle once again and also proves that he is not an actor to do away with easily. Govinda has not only become serious about his non-serious acts in his second innings but he has also made a point in his better timings this time.

The ease and the finesse in his comedy has touched him again. He better not do mediocre films like Life Partner etc. for then he is bound to stay in the race at least for another five years in Hindi Cinema.

David Dhawan finds a best match in terms of Ritesh Deshmukh in Do Knot Disturb. He matches his timing with a perfect actor like Govinda to his best. Ritesh has done this with Abhishek Bachchan in Bluff Master but this time his act is ultimate.

His sheer presence in the frame makes it rich and people start expecting another tsunami of laughter to follow. The only actor who looks pushed in the story line is Ranvir Shorey and before that Sohail Khan breaks the pace of the happening to some extent.

Lara Dutta was at her best in Partner, in David's this films she looks a little lost. This is either because of presence of Sushmita Sen or some other reason. There looms a definite appearance of insecurity in her performance this time. Sushmita Sen, who also returns to silver screen after a long gap, keeps her fans happy. She still looks hot in sari. She puts the screen on simulator whenever she is around.

Do Knot Disturb also makes a come back sort of for its music directors Nadeem Shravan. The duo gives their one of the best music after years. And, they also prove that whoever has been claiming to be the numero uno of the music scene in Hindi Cinema, when it comes to deliver the pace and foot tapping music, they are still the best in league. To sum the review and an advice for the weekend, Do Not Miss It!

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