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Director: Atul Agnihotri
Producer: Atul Agnihotri
Starring: Sohail Khan, Zayed Khan, Sharman Joshi, Isha Koppikar, Gul Panag, Amrita Arora, Salman Khan (Special appearance), Katrina Kaif (Special appearance)
Lyrics: Jalees Sherwani

Chetan Bhagat's novel "One Night The Call Centre" is indeed worth reading from the point of views of both content and its characterization. However, Atul Agnihotri's movie based Chetan's novel falls far short in both respects; it hasn't matched the latter's efforts either in story or the characterization.

Well, one may not be wrong to say that writing stories is very much different or rather easier than making a film on such stories. Moreover, it's always difficult if not impossible to adapt a novel to a film. This seems to be true in the case of Atul Agnihotri's second directorial movie 'Hello'.

Though Agnihotri has endeavored to change his genre in 'Hello' to achieve box office success that eluded him in his first venture. In spite of his best intention, the director fails in depicting the true conditions / situations faced by those employed in call centers.

This is evident from his movie's first session where he devotes less than one sixth of time in the characterization of his main players. Naturally, the audience feels bored and tries to conclude the way it likes.

They lose patience and wonder if they should continue sitting in their chairs to watch the concluding part. Interestingly, at this juncture, the director makes a serious attempt to take his characters to their right positions as laid down in the original story of Chetan's novel.

The story of 'Hello' is a tale of a call center on a particular night. There are six characters. Shyam played by Sharman Joshi who finds that his girlfriend named Priyanka (played by Gul Panag ) is so much frustrated with his job that she might drop him as desired by her mother played by Bharti Achrekar and marry a rich person, preferably an NRI.

Then, there is a model called Esha played by Bollywood's Isha Koppikar who is a careerist though Varun aka Vroom played by Sohail Khan loves her immensely.

Among others are Radhika played by Amrita Arora who lives at the mercy of her mother-in-law. Incidentally, her husband played by Arbaaz Khan is involved with another woman! Sharat Saxena plays a military uncle , and isn't allowed to interact with his grandchild.

Besides, there's the big bad boss Bakshi played by Dalip Tahil. All of a sudden, those manning the call centers find that their world is crumbling . At the same moment, they come across a call from God.

Chetan begins his novel with the author meeting a co-passenger in train; he links up with the six characters in the call centre and dwells well on Bakshi, the man in charge of Connexions! Then comes a call from God and his conversation with them especially regarding Bakshi, which makes them sit up and take notice. Strangely, Katrina Kaif tells the story to Salman Khan.

Analyzing the movie, we find many a lapse like the director treats the call center as anyone but executives. The boss fails to boss over . Similarly, the passion in lovemaking scene of Shyam and Priyanka is completely missing. Acting wise, all the six actors fare quite well. Sharman and Sohail have performed very well. . Gul Panag plays indeed an Americanized executive. Among females, Amrita, Isha and Gul do well.

However, roles don't justify presence of stalwarts like Arbaaz Khan , Sharat Saxena and Dalip Tahil Why isn't Katrina Kaif as charming on the screen as ever? Has she obliged Salman by performing for a few minutes? Salman is there for a very short period but does full justice by looking a rock star with his Bang Bang, and Karle Baby Dance Dance. Cinematography by Sanjay F Gupta is good. Sajid-Wajid's music is pleasant.

Overall, 'Hello' is Agnihotri's second attempt to turn a director , and the first one to direct a non-familiar genre of movie.

The movie may fare well in the forthcoming weekend followed by another holiday coupled with lack of other movies at theaters. The much-hyped 'Drona' has flopped and only one movie is released this Friday.

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