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Pyaar Impossible
Directed by: Jugal Hansraj
Producer by: Uday Chopra
Starring: Uday Chopra, Priyanka Chopra, Dino Morea, Anupam Kher, Saidah
Music Dir: Salim Merchant, Sulaiman Merchant.

Pyaar Impossible is a film that only its director Jugal Hansraj understands as he aims more at establishing his hero Uday Chopra, a scion of Bollywood's big banner Yash Raj Film's owner. Jugal succeeds in his job though as his hero does full justice to his part assigned by himself. (Uday has scripted the story.) Similar is the case with his heroine Priyanka Chopra who happens to be the leading lady of Bollywood and needs not to prove her credential any longer.

She looks so stunning that no student of her college can afford not fall for her. Her role is limited though but she plays it too well. This is another matter that Jugal Hansraj takes seven long years to depict this much by dragging on the story unless one finally discovers the climax! Uday succeeds in proving that love is much deeper than the skin even in this materialistic world.

Though the movie falls in the usual category of a romantic thriller, it's just typical of a love tale between two contrasting persons one, a shy, awkward, bespectacled geek Uday Chopra playing Abhay, and the other Priyanka playing Alisha, a sexy, bold and most beautiful girl on college campus. Uday even saves her from the clutch of death but she doesn't know, nor cares to find out. Isn't the Pyaar (love) not impossible between such a contrasting onscreen couple? No, it's not impossible, though the director allots seven years for shy Abhay to let a bold and sexy Alisha to know all about it. The director meanwhile weaves the story among other characters prominent among them being Dino Morea and Anupam Kher.

According to the story, Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra), a computer geek, has a crush on his sexy colleague Aalisha (Priyanka Chopra). Since hero Abhay is shy in expressing his ample love to his ladylove Priyanka, the director introduces a villain named Siddharth aka Varun in Dino Morea. The latter is a tech-thief. Thus, the computer hero Abhay struggles with villainous Varun to get both Alisha and his lost-credit back. Though a simple kind of Bollywood tale yet it takes one hour fifty minutes plus a fortune to say what the director calls 'Pyaar Impossible'. After idling away the first half, Jugal Hansraj provides his audience a bit of comedy in the latter half. Now, Alisha asks Abhay about his first love, and realizes that he has been in deep love with her for seven long years . Abhay develops software to unite all other software. He gets an offer from Varun (Dino Morea) who ends up stealing his software from his laptop while at a coffee shop.

This same software is now being launched by Pinnacle in Singapore and Varun is the one who has sold it to them. Abhay goes to Singapore in search of the thief. Meanwhile, Alisha is married and divorced too. But, she has a six-year-old daughter. She doesn't know Abhay's background. Abhay needs to tell her about the software theft because she works at Pinnacle. However, he doesn't do it, and rather plays nanny to Alisha's daughter. Varun is chasing Alisha too, desperately. At this stage, Abhay catches Varun but the latter offers him 50,000 dollars to go back to India. The geek promises to expose him, and does it in the end. Alisha too realizes that it is Geek that had saved her life, thanks to her daughter's school play, especially the song that reminds her of her past debt to Abhay!

While critically analyzing the movie, we find that the script though written by hero himself isn't up to the mark as he juggles everything from story, screenplay and dialogue. However, he loses no effort to do full justice to his role. He has worked hard, but alas not concentrated on one thing at a time. Priyanka Chopra hardly has a role except that of a stunningly sexy girl. She has done it excellently well, especially with her sexy guitar tattoo on her nape. Dino Morea has played his villainous role as Varun exceedingly well. Anupam Kher as Abhay's father fares well. Jugal Hansraj's cameo is okay. The music of the film by Salim - Suleiman is excellent. The USP of the movie ranges from eye-candy Priyanka to Geek but impossibly possible lover Uday to an eye-catching shooting of beautiful city of Singapore.

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