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Tum Mile
Directed by: Kunal Deshmukh
Producer by: Mukesh Bhatt
Starring: Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan
Music Dir: Pritam Chakraborty

'Tum Mille' is a love story though differently told. Besides, it stars two talented actors - Emraan Hasmi and Soha Ali Khan. The movie is directed by Kunal Deshmukh who is back in Bollywood after his successful 'Jannat'.

The movie's USP are the innovations- both in narration and performance of this simple love story. Emraan Hasmi is an art student who comes across an environmentalist Soha Ali Khan on the campus of Cape Town in South Africa.

The artist falls in love with an activist wholly devoted to the growing problem of global warming. Meanwhile, global warming brings in sudden and torrential rains not only creating havoc, but also separating the two loving hearts from each other for long six years.

When the two meet, Emraan is unemployed and Soha helps him. But, it hurts Emraan's ego. As the luck would have it, the twosome has their Titanic moment as they try to survive the July 2005 Mumbai deluge.

Bollywood's famous director Mahesh Bhatt was so much upset with the havoc caused by Mumbai's torrential rains of July 2005 that he wanted to make a movie on the subject. He looked for a financier.

Luckily, he had a deal with Sony. So, he assigned the director's job to his group's Kunal Deshmukh. Kunal had to do a lot to collect the footage/ clippings of rains and the consequent havoc in Mumbai from several TV channels.

Another problem Kunal faced was to store water running into 200 tankers at a plant to show Soha Ali wade through five feet deep water on the shoulders of her crew members to safety and sanity.

This scene was vital for the movie to make it creditable enough. Besides, it was almost a drowning experience for the cast! Kunal hasn't left anything to chance in depicting the real and matured relationship between the two stars.

Acting-wise, the two actors - Emraan and Soha - create a chemistry that is warm, deep and real. Emraan and Soha prove their skill beyond doubt by translating their characters into the real ones.

The most memorable is that Soha kisses Emraan, and that too not once but twice, unlike the past when serial kisser Emraan locked lips with his heroine.

Emraan enjoys it more than ever. He is very happy working with Soha who he thought is rather shy and quiet. Soha truly comes of age with her interpretation of Sanjana, the balsy woman with a caramel heart.

Emraan finds her more cooperative. Though the movie was completed on time as is usual in the Bhatt camp, it took a lot of time in its editing. The story by Ankur Tewary is well woven both in respect of the deluge as well as romance.

Similarly, the dialogues are perfect and very well delivered by the actors. In the same way, Prakash Kutty's choreography is excellent. He depicts the deluge of Mumbai very well and so also the people's wading through the flooded streets. He isn't far behind in displaying the chemistry between the onscreen couple in the beautiful locales of Cape Town.

Pritam's music is wonderful inasmuch as its tracts are hummable. The title track, Tum Mile, has three versions by Javed Ali, Neeraj Shridhar and Shafqat Ali. Mohit Chauhan's Dil Ibadat... is melodious.

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