Alizeh Shah strikes back at Minsa Malik’s accusations

Alizeh Shah is a stunning and incredibly talented Pakistani television star. She’s been a part of numerous hit shows like Ehd E Wafa, Ishq Tamasha, Dil Moum Ka Dia, Mera Dil Mera Dushman, and more. 


However, this young and attractive actress often finds herself in the spotlight due to controversies.


Alizeh Shah replied to Minsa Malik's allegations


Recently, Alizeh Shah’s fellow actor Minsa Malik made some serious allegations against her. She claimed that Alizeh had thrown a lit cigarette at her and even physically attacked her. This led to Minsa Malik filing a formal complaint (FIR) that gained public attention.


Minsa Malik complaint against Alizeh Shah


In response, Alizeh Shah took to her Instagram account and shared a post from blogger Ayesha Jahangir Malik. She revealed that the altercation began with Minsa Malik slapping Alizeh Shah. According to the blogger, she received the information through an anonymous sources. 


She added that Alizeh continued her work until 12 am despite being humiliated in front of everyone, while the incident happened around 6 pm. Ayesha Malik suggested everyone not to believe everything they see on social media without considering another perspective.


Alizeh Shah reply to Minsa Malik


Alizeh Shah also added her own comment, stating, “The truth always finds its way into the light.”


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