Bado Badi model regret working with Chahat Fateh Ali Khan

Chahat Fateh Ali Khan became an overnight sensation after his song ‘Bado Badi‘ went viral on social media and YouTube.


The song’s video has been watched over 28 million times on the video streaming platform. ‘Bado Badi’ is being loved in Pakistan as well as India and many other countries.


Bado Badi model Wajdan Rao


Following the success of the song, Wajdan Rao, the model who appeared in the music video, has levelled allegations against him. In a recent press conference, the model accused Chahat Fateh Ali Khan of underpaying him.


Furthermore, Wajdan Rao also demanded more money from the singer. Despite her allegations, fans have rallied behind Chahat.


According to the fan, the model should be thankful to the singer instead of demanding more money from him. They also lauded the singer for remaining quiet despite the accusations.


The fans further stated that they overlooked the model due to their interest in Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s iconic singing skills. Some fans believe Wajdan Rao initially gained attention through a cringe-worthy song and is now resorting to publicity stunts for fame.



After garnering 28 million views, the video is now removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by the original song’s owner.


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