Cola Next: An Invigorating step into Real Pakistani Drinks!

Mezan Beverages Private Limited is in the forefront of Pakistan’s business acumen, having achieved an unprecedented milestone in March 2016 by launching its ambitious beverages project. In just a single year, the organization not only showcased new facilities, but also established itself as a leader in the country’s financial sector.


Coke Next: An Invigorating step into Real Pakistani Drinks


Mezan Beverages is proud of its deep ties to Pakistan’s cultural fabric, even outside of its business pursuits. It advocates social responsibility because it wants to have a meaningful influence. Adopting a continuous development mind-set, the brand responds resolutely to the challenging circumstances posed by global resistance. Mezan Beverages is accomplishing more than just enhancing operational performance these days thanks to strategic initiatives like Balancing, Modernizations, and Replacement (BMR).


The tale of our national brand Cola Next, from its quick launch to becoming a mainstay in homes and on shop shelves, is evidence of Mezan Beverages Private Limited’s commitment. This success story not only highlights the brand’s dedication to quality and innovation, but it also represents a major advancement for the Beverage sector in Pakistan. Cola Next is a taste of Pakistan’s beverage future, so the next time you reach for a drink, make it that.



Not only is Cola Next quickly becoming popular and widely accessible, but it also comes in a mouth-watering variety of flavors. Cola Next offers unique choices like Lychee Next, Anaar Next and Water Next to entice taste buds, which makes it stand out from other brands in the industry. This dedication to creativity and pleasing a wide range of tastes has changed the game and established Cola Next as the preferred option for customers looking for a welcome variation from the standard.


Cola Next makes sure that people who are eager to try the entire range of its products can do so by forming strategic alliances with some of the biggest national retail chains. Carrefour, Spar, all Imtiaz Super Store locations, Chase Up stores, Spring Store (Tipu sultan/ DHA/ North Nazimabad) locations where you can find the Cola Next easily. Even the shop next to your home is stocked up with Cola Next!


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