Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz to spread Islam

Earlier in October this year, Hamza Ali Abbasi announced that he will be off the social media for a month and when he gets back, he has a big announcement to make. Then he was spotted having a vacation with wifey Naimal Khawar Khan. In the meanwhile, his drama, Alif aired and people totally loved the theme and Hamza’s acting.


Hamza Ali Abbasi left showbiz to spread Islam


Now finally he has shared a twenty three minutes long video on his official YouTube channel. The video was based upon how Hamza Ali Abbasi is quitting acting to serve in the divine path of Allah.


He started off with his background about how he was an atheist when he was a young teenager, then how he had questions that people failed to answer. He revealed that he explored different religions but all in vain. At last he found his way back to Islam and started to discover what he had been looking for a long time, now. He said that he realized that everything that he does is temporary and will stay in this world, so he wanted to do something that he can take to the hereafter and something that gives him enough courage to stand before his Lord.



The actor found out that the rest of his life, he wants to spread the message of Allah and reveal his answers to the world, so that others can benefit from his discovery. He is quite sure of how these topics are too sensitive to be discussed, but he does not fear death. Also, Abbasi said that we might see him doing projects like Alif in the future, not as an actor though.


Conclusively, he will serve the Almighty and spread his message in all ways that he can. We are looking forward to learning from Hamza Ali Abbasi’s spiritual journey


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