Hania Aamir teases Fahad Mustafa with her New Year Resolution

Fahad Mustafa recently made a request to all the parents on Twitter to stop their children from using the Tik Tok app.

 Hania Aamir new year's resolution is to be active on TikTok


He says people should be doing something useful and healthy in life rather than wasting their precious time on these non productive apps.


Well, he is right in a way but not everyone would agree to what he thinks. Right after he posted people started bashing the actor and making fun of him.


Because people also believe that it is a best way to show themselves to public and get comments and likes to be famous, they are also earning through this app therefore it is productive for them.


Recently on new year actress Hania Aamir posted a video on Instagram to tease Fahad Mustafa.



She says “for 2020 my new year’s resolution is to use Tik Tok and disappoint Fahad Mustafa and use as much as I can to be creative”.


However, people are also targeting his show Jeeto Pakistan and saying how he makes people do such disgraceful tasks.


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