Is Madiha Imam’s husband a Hindu? Actress clarifies

Drama actress Madiha Imam, who tied the knot with a foreigner filmmaker Moji Basar in May last year, has once again clarified that her husband is not a Hindu.


Is Madiha Imam's husband a hindu?


Last month, the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Despite being showered with love by her fellow celebrities, some netizens were more concerned about Madiha Imam‘s husband Moji Basar‘s religion.


One Instagram user asked if she is a Syed and how a Syed girl can marry a Hindu. Replying to the comment, She said that she has mentioned it a million times that her husband isn’t a Hindu.


Madiha Imam and Moji Basar wedding picture


She added that they had their Nikkah ceremony when they tied the knot. She also urged the social media user to refrain from saying mean things to anyone due to their race, color and country.


She also liked another comment that asked the same question regarding her husband, hinting that he is Muslim.


Madiha Imam reply about husband Moji Basar


Ever since her marriage, social media users have been wondering about her husband’s religion. One of the top searches on Google is related to Madiha Imam‘s husband’s religion as well.


Madiha Imam and her husband Moji Basar on the beach


Despite clarifying several times that her husband is a Muslim, netizens continue to ask the same questions every time she uploads photos or videos with him.


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