Kubra Khan expresses her admiration for Naseem Shah

Cricketer Naseem Shah has garnered attention as a favorite among cricket fans and celebrities alike. 


Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela has hinted at having a crush on him, even suggesting she might prefer marrying him over her ‘boyfriend’, Rishabh Pant. During Asia Cup 2023, Naseem also caught the eye of Indian actress Isha Shah.


Kubra Khan admires Naseem Shah


As the T20 World Cup 2024 captivates fans worldwide, Pakistani actress Kubra Khan has revealed Naseem Shah as her favorite player. 


Despite Pakistan’s recent unexpected loss to the USA team, Kubra’s candid comments during a World Cup transmission on the ‘Hasna Mana Hai‘ show garnered attention.


When asked about her interest in cricket, Kubra admitted she hadn’t closely followed the T20 World Cup but expressed her fondness for the sport, especially when Pakistan plays. 



However, when questioned about her favorite cricketer, she didn’t hesitate to name Naseem Shah, praising his skills as a bowler. 


Kubra explained that while she may not watch cricket extensively, she appreciates Naseem’s talent on the field.


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