Lay’s & Other 100% Halal Products in Pakistan

With Pakistan being an Islamic country, it is very important for companies to keep in mind the cultural and religious values of the citizens. The halal/haram issue is highly sensitive in all Muslim countries, and there are many food companies that came under the spotlight for their choice of ingredients.





Let’s take a look at which of these were proved to be halal:


1. Mars Chocolates

The brand Mars sells a number of chocolates including Bounty, Mars and Snickers, all of which are found in grocery stores across Pakistan. From time to time, the company has received many queries regarding the halal certification of its products. In response to a consumer’s email, the company responded claiming that its products in all NAL and Gulf countries are halal. They are free from pork and alcohol with only dairy products that are entirely protein sourced.


2. Lays Chips

Lays chips are widely available in convenience as well as grocery stores. Despite being a local brand, many individuals and organizations falsely accused it of using non halal ingredient in its chips. This was because it used E-631, a flavor enhancer that can be extracted from meat or plants. Fortunately, the SANHA food authority clarified that Lays sources its E-631 from tapioca starch which is halal. Thus, the brand continues to use this ingredient in Lays chips.  


3. Hershey’s

There are some products which are halal in certain countries and non halal in others. This is defined by the governing laws restricting companies from using non-halal ingredients. According to an official statement on the brand’s website, it claims that all chocolates manufactured in Malaysia and China are halal. However, it did not comment on the halal certification of its chocolates in the US. Despite that, it works closely with the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA) and the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia in order to meet all halal requirements in Muslim countries.


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