Nasir Khan Jan fell in love with a girl who looks like Katrina Kaif

Nasir Khan Jan, the Pakistani social media personality, who announced his marriage in 2021 on social media but never revealed how he met his wife for the first time.


Nasir Khan Jan talks about his marriage


Recently he was invited on Nida Yasir‘s show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital where he finally broke the silence on how he met his wife first time!


Nasir Khan Jan said when he first saw his wife she looked like one of the most stunning Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif.


Unfortunately he got rejected by her few times, until they were able to overcome the obstacles that caused the initial
rejections and eventually developed a romantic connection which led to happy marriage, they have also been blessed with a baby boy named Aayan.


Nasir Khan Jan with his son Aayan


Nasir is often seen helping his wife to take care of their baby! It is amazing to see how he is such an amazing father and a husband.



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