Pepsi and Coke to clash with Music for next few weeks

Two big brands, One huge clash, and lots of great music!


If you have not figured out yet, we are here to tell you. Every year Pepsi holds a singing battle for emerging bands, called the Pepsi Battle Of the Bands, around June/July. On the other hand, Coca Cola which is the biggest competitor of Pepsi, starts a season of Coke Studio where singers from the past and present come on the same platform to revive hits and release new ones.


Pepsi & Coke to clash with Music


However, this year Coke Studio did not launch their promos until Pepsi Battle of the Bands was on air, conveying a message that it is no competition. This is also obvious by the plot of both the shows. Where BOB has given us huge names like Kashmir, Auj, Bayaan and more, Coke Studio has given us numerous hits.


After the winners of Pepsi BOB were announced, Coke started the promotional activities for their new season. The first episode with Atif Aslam‘s Wohi Khuda Hai was a hit, although the next two did not really please the fans. Taking notice of this, Pepsi has announced to release a music video of eight bands from various seasons of Battle of the Bands, every Saturday for the next eight weeks, starting today. This has spiced up things a little bit, since Coke Studio also releases the episodes on every Weekend.



We wouldn’t really call it an intentional clash, but this has really hyped the Pakistani Music Industry for the good. On one hand we have an iconic platform for the new bands to be mentored and groomed by the judges, while on the other hand we have huge names deciding to bring forward known or forgotten names, from mainstream and folk industry.


In all of this, the true beneficiaries are the Pakistani music lovers and fans and the whole industry because amidst all the competition, we are getting hits after hits. We absolutely love such healthy competitions and soulful music.


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