Shahroz Sabzwari clarifies the issue between him & Syra

Another celebrity split up? Really?


Well, unfortunately, yes.


This time it is our fun, youthful couple Syra and Shahroz. The two got married in an intimate ceremony seven years ago. They made a beautiful couple since day one. Two years down their happily ever after, they were blessed with an angel. The new parents names her Nooreh. Their social media accounts were all about the cute little family and their shenanigans.


Syra & Shahroz separated after 7 years of marriage


For the last few months, Syra has been completely out of sight. She had also taken down her Instagram account. The last few days, when Shahroz has been all over the internet with his dance videos at a family wedding, the wife was nowhere to be seen. Speculations started taking rounds on the social media. Some said they were divorced while others blamed model Sadaf Kanwal for ruining the marriage. Well, as much as it shocks you, people are really saying that Shahroz has already been dating Sadaf.


Nobody really knows if she is the reason behind the split up. However, Sadaf has been, very actively, commenting on Shahroz Sabzwari‘s Instagram posts- the most fishy one being “My Partner”, on a click from their on stage performance for IPPA Awards 2019. And the fans have been after Sadaf ever since.


When asked, Shahroz cleared it up by saying that the couple has been living apart for the past six months due to personal irreconcilable differences. Sources say that the daughter, who is the family’s apple of the eye has been living with both her parents alternatively. And although have part ways, they are still following each other on Instagram.



Well, this is sad and is really breaking our hearts. But we hope, this turns out to be the best in their interests. What do you have to say about this celebrity split up?


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