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Ishqiya OST song - Geo TV Drama

Written by
Mohsin Ali

Directed by
Badar Mehmood

Produced by
Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi

Asim Azhar

Feroze Khan
Hania Amir
Ramsha Khan
Gohar Rasheed
and many others.

We couldn’t have guessed the story line from the promos but it is a love triangle between Feroze, Hania, and Ramsha. Feroze Khan is playing role of a stubborn guy Hamza, who is possessive over his lover Hamna played by Ramsha, they study in same college while Hania is playing role of Ramsha’s little sister Romaisa who is a bubbly girl and doesn’t know that her sister is in love with Hamza. Due to her father's sickness Hamna agrees to marry her father's friend's son Azeem (Gohar Rasheed), Hamza finds out and takes revenge by marrying her sister Romaisa .The acting done by all actors is just On point. This drama has an amazing balance between romance and suspense. Watch Ishqiya every Monday at 8:00 pm on ARY.

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Ishqiya OST Lyrics

Sabar kiya, Dard sahaye
Teri chokahat pay bethay rahy
Bhoolay hum, Bhoolay tum
Aur zamane ki sunntay gaye
Meri tun y na sunni kabhi
Kyun main tum ko pukaron
Ansu bethay qaid palkoun pay
Kasy in ko baahaon
Ishqiya, Mene hain
Main haara, Main haara, Main haara
Tunay kaha jo, Mene kiya woh
Ab kya gilaa hai tujhy
Hum to howaye jogi
Tasbhi teri kar hasil howa kya humay
Tooti tasweeray kaisay Jorun main
Jhutay dawaye Kaisay toolun main
Ishq tha sacha Magar tum bejaan thy
Kaash kabhi tu samjhta mujhy
Deehmeeh deehmeeh aahaty teri
Aj bhi dayen sadayen
Parh jo zakham dil main chupay
Bhatye kaisay inko mitayeee…
Ishqiya, Mene hain
Main haara, Main haara, Main haara
Ishqiya, Mene hain
Main haara, Main haara, Main haara