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Aa Dekhen Zara
Director: Jehangir Surti
Producer: Viki Rajani
Starring: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu, Rahul Dev, Sophie Choudhary, Bobby Vats, Shrivas Nydu, Deepak Dhariwal, Biswajeet Chatterjee, Sameer Siddiqui

Bollywood isn't far behind in following the world trend of making movies based on 'hat ke' (unusual) subjects like science fiction, supernatural elements and paranormal experiences. Such movies have come to India in a big way, and in the form of time travel and paranormal occurrences.

The trend has been catching up of late and that's why we have had just recently movies like 'Aa Dekhen Zara' and 'Videsh' (though partly), released today and also '13 B' and 'Koi Mil Gaya' (Jaadu, the lovable alien) not in the distant past. Yes, the forthcoming '8X10 Tasveer', will also fall in this category.

Jehangir Surti directed 'Aa Dekhen Zara' starring Neil Nitin Mukesh coupled with bold and pretty Bipasha Basu in the lead roles revolves around a camera! This isn't an ordinary camera but the one that has been invented by a grandpa to capture future in its images.

The movie's hero Neil Nitin Mukesh inherits his grandfather's innovation as the only legacy left by the latter for his grandson. Neil playing Ray has nothing to do excepting talking to the stray pigeons on his window. Yes, he also watches his next-door sexy DJ Simi played by Bipasha Basu who lives in the opposite apartment.

As a sheer coincidence, Neil captures Bips' (Simi) picture in his old camera while she was sashaying in her room. He also captures Simi in his camera while being shot down in a bar. Here, the movie's story takes a turn.

Neil's camera helps him to save the life of his love interest though by chance only. He has been using his inherited 'magical' camera mostly for taking pictures of racehorses and lottery tickets in order to predict their future! It is said that his camera does not take too long for the villains to know his whereabouts and hunt for his supernatural camera.

But, as the luck would have it he meets Bipasha's shooter played by Rahul Dev and the so-called RAW agents in the byelanes of Bangkok city in Thailand. These guys don't spare him and also aim at his life. Again, his camera comes to his rescue, too.

But how can he escape the camera's prediction of his all-black future is a moot question. Doesn't the plot lose its otherwise tight grip on the audience here and there? Yes, it does, but soon reverts back before striking its climax scene.

While critically analyzing the movie, we find that 'Aa Dekhen Zara' is a successful fast action thriller. The cast of the movie has performed amazingly well. Neil is on top though after a long gap since his maiden-venture 'Johnny Gaddar'.

This movie will surely help him in his future career. His co-star Bipasha Basu has lent Neil full support by the true portrayal of her character.

She has repeated with Neil in this movie what she has done by her funny acts with Ranbir in 'Bachna Ae Hasseno'. As said above, the story loses the grip for some time now and then but reverts sooner than later to attain its climax!

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