Watch Living on the Edge Episode 21

Watch 21st Episode of Living on the Edge Season 3 Kon Hai Risk Taker by Waqar Zaka only on ApniISP (26th January 2011).

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Sonam Kapoor walked out of a film because of Shahid Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor stays in news for her confidence and attitude. Reportedly Sonam has walked out of her dear friend Punit’s film. She has taken this decision on personal grounds and the reason for this rejection is Shahid Kapoor.

At the time of release of Mausam, news of unfriendly relation between both of them were all around. Now when Punit signed Shahid for his next movie, Sonam left the movie though his friend Punit tried to stop her from leaving the movie but Sonam apparently didn’t want to star opposite Shahid Kapoor.

Jacqueline Fernandez will not expose in her upcoming movies

We have seen Jacqueline Fernandez in hot and sexy scenes but we might not get to see this beauty with all her hotness again because according to the sources her dear friend Sajid Khan has made a Do’s & Don’ts list.

And because of that list Jacqueline is not comfortable with such scenes. This is the reason why she is losing movies. Krish 3 was lost because she refused to kiss Hirthik Roshan, for Raaz 3 she refused to expose and sequal of Race also got out of her hands.