Aamir Liaquat Hussain to give 3 Airplanes in his Ramzan Show

The blessing month of Ramzan 2017 is about to start, when we first hear about Ramzan TV shows then we can only think of 2 most popular hosts. Fahad Mustafa and Aamir Liaquat Hussain who have recently resigned from Geo TV and joined Bol TV.


Every year the competition of the TV channels increases rapidly. As we know the TV shows during Ramzan allows the audience present in the show to win prizes like Car, Bike, Furniture, Mobile phones.



Therefore Aamir Liaquat goes a bit further to get more attention and for the show to be more popular, he claims to give 3 Airplanes as presents to the audience, YES! You have read it right, airplanes! Which is not less than a joke. Not only that but he also claims that this time the people sitting at their homes watching the show could also win the prizes.


Well, in order to find out if this is really whats going to happen then we need to wait and see if they actually do what they claim or if this is just to attract the audience to watch the show.


Watch the video below:



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