Ali Zafar gets more support than Meesha Shafi


Seems like Teefa is in trouble already. Just yesterday, the super singer Meesha Shafi took it to her Twitter account to confess how she was harassed by one of the biggest names in Pakistan Media Industry, Ali Zafar. It was a shock to a lot of people within and outside the industry. Meesha mentioned that she was physically harassed by Ali even though she is a mother of two and that she will not keep quiet about it because it has not been just once.


In response to Meesha‘s tweet, Ali had first said that he didn’t want to talk about it. However later, he posted on his social media accounts that he respects women and will defend his take in the court of law, professionally. He also added that he, too, is a father of a baby girl and would never think like that.


A number of celebrities stood with Ali Zafar. They used their social accounts to elaborate how much of a family person the singer is and how respectfully he treats his colleagues. One big statement was from Maya Ali who had been shooting locally and internationally with Ali for their upcoming movie “Teefa In Trouble“. One big support came from his wife, Ayesha Fazli.


One actor that stood by Meesha was Urwa Hocane, who said that it would never be okay to harass a girl.


We created a poll on our Instagram last night to see how many people are supporting Ali Zafar & Meesha Shafi and found that 80% people believe that Ali Zafar can’t do such thing, while on the other end Meesha gets support from 20% of the people.



Seems like Ali is in the hot water just before his movie releases. Is it going to bring the viewership down or the other way around? We just hope the truth prevails.


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