Ranveer Singh creates Tamasha on the sets of Tamasha

Ranveer Singh is romantically in link with Deepika Padukone now a days and the couple has been seen dating each other a quite few of times and this latest attempt by Ranveer to cheer her darling made their off-screen chemistry more evident.
Imtiaz Ali is shooting his upcoming film “Tamaasha” starring Deepika and Ranbir Kapoor at the Islands of Mediterranean Sea in France. This is going to be the second time when these ex-lovers will be appearing on the screen together after their break up.

The real Tamasha took place on the sets of Imtiaz Ali’s “Tamaasha” during the shooting when Ranveer Singh flew all the way to the Islands of Mediterranean Sea and landed in Corsica on the sets to pay a visit to Deepika.

Ranveer Singh was seen following the monitor and sat in front of the monitor all the time, where he eagerly encouraged his sweetheart whenever she looked towards the camera to give her shot. Not only this, Ranveer also gave Deepika and Imtiaz the ‘how to’ advices after every scene to make the scenes look better.

This over-avidity, micro management and undemanded advices of Ranveer, left Imtiaz completely baffled and Deepika all embarrassed.