Emraan Hashmi’s son Ayaan won over Cancer

Do you remember the book called, The Kiss Of Life, based on Indian actor, Emraan Hashmi‘s life and particularly the heart reckoning incident of his only son Ayaan being diagnosed with cancer? Well for those of you do not remember, the book covered Emraan’s professional and personal lives from when all was well. But suddenly his son started to fall ill. After diagnosis, the bad boy of Bollywood and wife Parveen came to the shaking news of their four years old son carrying a tumor in his kidney.


Emran Hashmi - Ayaan is cancer free


Emraan says it had shattered their lives. However, he knew he had to be more responsible now. This incident took him by shock and taught him how to balance between a struggling actor to get better films and a good father to fight the battle of cancer with his beloved son.


The book was published back in 2016 and had amazing reviews. Today, after a period of over two years, Emraan has just posted on his Instagram account, a picture of himself with son Ayaan, revealing to the world, that Ayaan has successfully won over cancer. He added that it was a five years journey and quite an happening one, but he is grateful for the love and prayers, and there is cure to cancer, too.


Well this happy picture of father and son has surely warmed our hearts. We send out more power and prayers to all going through such journeys every day.


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