Farhan Saeed accuses Indian singer for copying his song

The famous singer and Suno Chanda star Farhan Saeed is all over the place for his impeccable performance in Suno Chanda. However, another attribute that sets him apart is his melodious voice and soothing compositions. From Pee Jaun to his cover of Yeh Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai, the singer always makes us listen to his songs on the loop.


Salim Suleman copied Farhan Saeed song Roiyaan


Salim Suleman is one of the most celebrated duos in the Indian Music Industry. Compelling people to dance their heart out with songs such as Ainvayi Ainvayi and Mar Jawan, Salim Suleman are on their roadway to success.


Now, everyone is aware of the age-old tug of war between the two countries claiming that the songs, music, and even lyrics are being copied.


Farhan Saeed took twitter to put a major allegation on these famous composers.




Things got attention when Farhan highlighted the fact that even the lyricist are same. But Salim Merchant kept on denying this allegation.


Anyhow, copying song and tunes is an old tradition of Bollywood industry, and none of the composers ever came up admitting the fact. Salim Merchant followed the same path, so we leave this decision up to you.


Go ahead, listen both the songs and tell us in the comment section what you think about it.


Farhan Saeed’s Roiyaan [Original Song]



Salim Merchant’s Haareya [Copied Song]



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