Fawad Khan with his family at sister’s wedding

The weekend is over but we are just not over with Fawad Khan‘s sister getting married. The last weekend was all about Sana Afzal Khan‘s wedding events from Mehndi to Baraat and then the Valima. The pictures were all over the internet and now we know that good looks run in the genes.


Fawad Khan at his sister's wedding with family


At the Mehndi, we spotted Fawad dancing his heart out with family and friends and then in a beautiful family portrait with wife and kids. The most adorable one was with his daughter Elayna. Fawad and his son wore a white shalwaar kurta with an aqua blue waistcoat, while Sadaf Fawad and daughter twinned in gold dresses.


The Baraat got us all going “awwww” from Sana wearing an eloquent ensemble from her bhabi’s SFK Bridals and twinning with her in red and gold to the video of Fawad, helping wifey fix her hair, and then Fawad playing the doting brother with carrying Quran over sister and then consoling his wife as she cries while bidding farewell to the bride.


Fawad Khan at his sister's wedding with family


Sana and Shahbaz’s valima was a subtle affair. The decor was so well done, it felt like a fairy tale. Fawad and Sadaf twinned in black and looked stunning as ever. On the other hand, the bride was a sight in that overly embroidered gown. It was all a pleasure to watch and witness.


Even though it was a family event, the whole internet lived it and has been blessing the couple with prayers and love. We wish the couple a happy life!



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