Feroze Khan to become father soon?

Feroze Khan has been in the lime light all through the last year. From the announcement of wedding, to the extravagant wedding, to people bashing his wife on the social media, to Hum Awards after which he had to open up and tell people to shut up. Then there were picture of him with wife Alizey Feroze, that became a thing on the Instagram for how picture perfect they both are and their lovey dovey captions.


Feroze Khan to become father soon


It had been a while since the ever loved Mir Hadi posted a picture with the real wifey, but somehow, the most happening shendi of producer Raza Moosavee had them covered.


Their picture from the event went viral over Social Media. The two looked totally complimenting one and other. While, Feroze wore a black shalwar kameez with a beige shawl, Alizey wore a beautiful blingy dress. And just when we were all in an awe of the click, speculations of the couple expecting a child started taking rounds.


This news had everybody going really happy and congratulating the couple. Well it is still not confirmed by any of the family member but if it is true, we wish them best of luck. And we are waiting to see our favorite actor turn in to a doting father.


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