Imtiaz Super Market Gulshan brand sealed by SBCA

Imtiaz Super Market Gulshan-e-Iqbal branch is in the news for its location once again. Previously, when it had started up, there were speculations if the area covered was legal or not but nothing really made a difference. And then every other day, the traffic jam on that very road would be in news. Now, finally the super market is sealed by Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) for the construction on a land that was not yet approved.



The notice by SBCA was issued yesterday. The authorities say that the building may also be demolished in this case. No doubt that the super market has a parking full of hassle and creates a fuss for anyone on the road. They tried to sort it out by closing down the store for 6 peak hours but seems like it made no difference.This time around the Internet is seeing mixed responses from the public:


The first ones who are confusing the traffic issue with the violation of the approved plan;


Secondly the people who were sick of the traffic jam that it caused and want also other such stores to shut down;


Then there are people who are slamming the authorities for closing down the store that has become a household go-to place;


And others who feel like the store will re-open soon.


But now it doesn’t seems to news working for Imtiaz Supermarket since SBCA is taking rigid actions against all the defaulters. Let’s see where this goes.


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