John Abraham facing difficulties in going out of India

For the shooting of Race 2, John Abraham has to go to Turkey but unfortunately because of a pending case in court against him he is facing difficulties in getting his passport renewed.

15 days sentence which was awarded to John by the court for rash and negligent driving in 2006 was suspended and he was released on probation basis Probation of Offenders Act.

As John needs to go to Turkey for Race 2, he went to passport office for the renewal of his passport which was near expiry but passport officials refused to do so. They said because of the pending case, permission from the court has to be taken. John tried to tell them that there is no case pending against him as high court has granted him probation but it was of no use.

According to the sources the court has now asked John to add the regional passport office as a respondent to his petitions. If John didn’t get his passport renewd he will have to face problems which will eventually put race 2 in losses.

Further John’s lawyer Abad Ponda revealed that the star would lose over Rs 50 lakh a day if he did not leave for Turkey in time.

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