Kareena Kapoor’s Heroin trailer censored for Dubai

Director Madhur Bhandarker is known for making movies based on reality. First he won the hearts of his fans in Fashion by showing the reality behind the glamorous fashion world, now in his upcoming movie he is expected to do the same.

Release of the trailer of Heroine has left the audience amazed and on one hand everyone is waiting for this movie to release but on the other hand in Dubai audience seems to have some objections with the movie. In a particular scene, Bollywood beauty and face of Heroine, Kareena Kapoor, addressing the press conference, Slashing out on the journalist says “God forbid, if a heroine goes to Dubai you people make a rate card for her”. This strong dialogue of hers has provoked the Dubai audience. This dialogue has tagged Dubai as a hub of illegal and immoral work which is indeed provoking for the people living in Dubai.

Madhur Bahndarka in his movie, after a strong observation and research, shows the reality, now through this dialogue he has diminished the image of Dubai.

Latest happening on this news is that director Madhur Bhandarker has censored the trailer of the film for Dubai audience, in addition he clarified it by stating that he did not to mean demean anyone, he further added, when Kareena Kapoor says it in the film, she has this point of view that such is people’s perception, according to reports Bhandarker has planned to sit down with the producers and think about what needs to be done.

Only the one dialogue has created such a big issue, we wonder what would be the reaction after the release of this movie.

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