LUX girls Mahira, Maya & Reema becomes Fans of Each Other

Gone are the days when we use to hear the cat fights between different actresses. The time has changed. People have now LUXified. Applauding for others, appreciating their art and talent is what we cherish irrespective of how junior or senior the person is. And that is exactly what we can see in the new Lux campaign: Fans of Each other.



Three different era’s, each having their own identity and miraculous impact on the media industry of Pakistan, came together on one platform on 30th June 2018, giving a shout-out to the world that “Yes! We are fan of each other”. This has made it quite apparent that actresses are not always after each other. Now they not only admire their work but also don’t hesitate in accepting it openly for which Lux proved to be the best platform and supporter.


The event started with Zara Peerzada cherishing the talent and contribution towards the industry of invited guests. Their identity was a little secret earlier but when Zara mentioned their names, the listeners were amazed and delighted to know. They were non-other than the sweet heart of young ones - Maya Ali, the bold and beautiful – Mahira Khan and the ever green – Reema Ji (Reema Khan).



The evening got better, after the three diva’s came to the floor, when the new LUX fragrance’s were made part of that shining night. Later the event reached to its pinnacle when three short LUX films where revealed. These films, besides their short duration, summed-up a great messaged that have been misunderstood since decades, which is, girls support girls. And that is the way it should be.





The details in these films are important to note. Despite being in the digital era, each superstar writes a small appreciation letter in which they not only appreciate other’s hard long efforts but also admire them personally – Now that’s Girl Power. And that is the same message brought by new LUX Fragrances. All greatly depicted in just half a minute clip by The Vision Factory by Asim Raza. Whereas the concept “Fans of Each Other” was the creative art work result of J. Walter Thompson Pakistan.


The three superwomen became fond of the new fragrances introduced by Lux in the same event. These new variants are rich with floral beauty oil which is specially formulated to keep your skin soft and refreshing with its new captivating aroma for much longer period than before. Now that’s the power of lux one should have which will make you stand out with confidence.


The event was concluded with guests enjoying their savories along with mingling with other stars of the event at The Deli Karachi. This platform is expected to be a ground breaker for all the old myths about rivalry between actresses and it is being hoped that such gatherings with sheer creativity will surely bring great results for the industry.


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