Mahira Khan spent quality time with Afghan refugee kids

Beauty without humbleness is useless. One such beauty is the Pakistani superstar Mahira Khan. She misses no chance to check back on to reality and her grounds after all the glamour in her profession.



A couple of days back, Mahira posted pictures from her visit to the Afghan refugees. She posted a heart felt message too. The message acknowledged how Pakistan caters the highest number of refugees.


The talented actress took selfies with the people there and spent the time just like they would.



Mahira’s posts also included a couple of videos. The first video was of her singing the ever patriotic Dil Dil Pakistan with the kids and the other one was of an Afghan boy singing the Bollywood number ‘Oonchi Hai Building’.


Mahira said that the boy was a fan of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan. So, she tagged Varun in the post. Varun, too, replied saying that the video made him smile throughout.



Mahira is definitely making all of us go ‘awwww’ every little while. We are so proud of you. More power to you girl!!


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