Meizu Pro 7 launches with dual display screen


While others are drooling over the curved edges, Meizu brings something new to the market. It has recently launched its Pro 7 with a back screen! Yes! Not a back glass, but a 1.9” AMOLED screen. You can use it to check time, calendar, notifications, and most of all, to take selfies from the rear dual-camera! It is undoubtedly the most innovative hardware alteration of this year.


Here are some other areas to know about.



Meizu Pro 7 came out with a decent 3,000 mAh battery. It might not a lot as compared to some other phones in the market, but with a moderate use, you can easily pass through the day. In case it gets low before that, you wouldn’t be needing much time to refuel your cell as it features an mCharge fast-charging.



Meizu Pro 7 surely boasts some eye-catching features. From the additional screen at the back, to the glass covered look, you get a truly premium feel while holding this phone in your hand. The sim tray on this phone is located on the left while the right features power button and volume rocker. The phone thankfully has a headphone jack, and a USB type C.



No matter how great a cellphone is, without a good camera, it is not worth it. This is why Meizu Pro 7 comes with an exquisite 12MP dual-camera. One of the cameras is monochrome, while the other is RGB. The camera programmed to pay attention to the details of the environment resulting in crystal clear pictures. On the downside, the depth effect is not up to the mark. It often blurs the edges of the subject making the pictures seem a little fake. You can take a better picture in broad daylight or a good lighting setup as opposed to darker environments.




One of the areas where the Meizu Pro 7 stands out in is the software. Not sure if it is a good thing or bad since some key features like the app drawer is missing. The phone features a Nougat Android based Flyme software with a separate application store. Some people are really liking this minimalistic approach while others are not a fan of it.



In case you were wondering why we wrote ‘screens’ instead of a ‘screen’, that is because this phone literally has two! A front HD super AMOLED 5.2” display that enhances your visual experiences. You can even enhance this experience by setting the visual settings according to your preference. You have options between high-contrast picture, dynamic, and natural balanced. Then comes the secondary display which, as mentioned above, is 1.9” AMOLED display. It has its own set of uses mentioned in the beginning.



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