Mika Singh banned in India for perfoming in Karachi

Famous Bollywood playback singer Mika Singh has been banned by All India Cine Workers Association, this Tuesday for performing at a private wedding event in Pakistan despite the salty issue of Kashmir going on between the two countries.


Bollywood singer Mika Singh in Karachi


The event was reportedly wedding of Adnan Asad’s daughter, who are relatives to former president General Retired Pervez Musharraf. Since the Pulwama attack, Pakistani artists had been banned in India, while Pakistan had banned all the Indian content. The disputes got saltier after the Kashmir chaos. But even then, Mika decided to perform in Karachi.


He has also been boycotted by the flim industry. He is denied to work for the entertainment sector, in any way. Well, he wouldn’t have even thought of such a severe step until his performance videos from Karachi got leaked on the social media.


The president of AICWA, Suresh Shyampal Gupta released a statement regarding the unconditional ban. It said that all his association with music companies and production houses, will be declined. Anybody caught associating with Mika Singh, will have to face legal consequences.


Well that is so much more trouble than Mika Singh would have imagined when he was signed for a 150,000 US Dollars and a thirty days visa.


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