Mohsin Abbas accused of beating wife & having affair (complete story)

Pakistani actor Mohsin Abbas Haider has been accused for beating his wife Fatima Sohail brutally not once but many times. After bearing the domestic violence for sometime Fatima finally posted on social media to tell the world what Mohsin’s reality!


Mohsin Abbas Haider issue with his wife


Fatima claims when she was pregnant she found out her husband was cheating on her and having relationship with a model Nazish Jahangir in November 2018. Instead of apologizing he started beating her to a point where she had to admit in a hospital.


Not only that! In May 2019 when they were blessed with a baby boy in Lahore! Fatima claims that Mohsin did not come see his child but instead “He was sleeping with his GF Nazish Jahangir in Karachi”.



Fatima has also shared pictures of her bruised face and arm along with a police report as proof of the domestic violence.


Mohsin in a press conference in Lahore denied all the allegations and said his wife is playing women’s card to gain sympathy from people “Whatever she is saying, is a lie. I never touched her,” he also said all her bruises are from a drastic fall from the stairs he did not do any domestic violence.


Nazish Jahangir also denied that she has nothing to do with all the allegations “A night before delivery, Fatima Sohail was on call with me and i congratulated her, Mohsin was doing some shoot in Karachi while I was in Islamabad”. Nazish said she has a sympathy with Fatima for going through the abuse but she claims “I am not the reason behind it”.


Mostly all the celebrities came in Fatima’s support and some of them were witness of him beating his wife but did not say anything on social media before because it was their personal issue.



Celebrities including Mahira Khan, Sajal Aly, Dua Malik, Gohar Rasheed, Hira Mani and many more talked about how this behavior is so normal and every other women is victim of violence in our society, And it needs to be stopped!



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