Why Google Support Rocks & Facebook User Operations Sucks

I am Hassan Ali founder of Pakistan’s leading entertainment portal http://www.apniisp.com which was established in February 2002.

Today I would like to share my recent experiance with support of Google’s Youtube & Facebook.

We have a seperate youtube channel for the live concerts where we upload the concerts we cover as a Media Partner for the viewers of our website, one of our staff member who manage that youtube account was trying to logged in to upload few videos but he was unable to logged in because he forgot which email address he used to linked to google account as previously he used to login through the username and password only and he was getting error that you can login via email only, seems like we lost the access to that account.

We just filled a form on youtube for help which was directed to Google Accounts support and we got the response within 2 days asking for some questions like last date of login and some other information and we answered all the questions correctly and within next 24hrs our account was linked to the same email address through which we contacted them and we got the access back, thats what we call a superb support because they care about their users.

Now let’s talk about facebook, many of the web developers must be aware about the issue of Facebook fan pages being disabled on bogus complaints, we are also one of the victim of this issue.

On 3rd March 2011 our facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/apniisp (44,000+ fans) was disabled because someone in jealousy filled the Intellectual Property complaint form with false story and invalid contact details and facebook disabled the page without any investigation and confirmation.

We contacted facebook explaining about the issue and they provided us the name and email address of the complainer and instructed us to contact them directly to resolve the issue and if the complaining party takes back the complaint only then we will be able to restore the page.

We tried contacting on the email address provided by facebook and guess what? We found that the email address is INVALID and doesn’t accept any emails so there is no way to contact the complaining party, We informed facebook that your provided email address is not valid and requested them to provide us the valid contact of the complainer and they said, this is the only contact information we have received from the complainer.

We requested facebook to consider the complaint as fake because there is no way to contact the complainer and restore our fan page but facebook always replied with the same thing that resolve the issue with the complaining party directly, my question is How? When you are not providing the valid contact details how the hell we can contact them?

After 30 days of correspondence they person said if you believe the complaint is false please contact your lawyer or local law enforcement agency.

We asked our lawyer to contact facebook and ask them how this issue can be resolve legally? The same person from facebook replied “We can only correspond with the admin of the page” even our lawyer mentioned in the email that he is the lawyer and contacting to resolve the issue on the behalf of us, on second email facebook replied him with the same email, here is the contact of complaining party, please resolve the issue directly with them.

After 40 more days of correspondence facebook replied, “We have received your complaint and we are looking into this matter, we will respond you with additional information soon” 25 days has past but still no response/action from facebook.

According to facebook’s ticketing system, all the time we will send email to them it will reach to the same person who have disabled the page, which is Reggie in our case, we thought may be this person is bot because he never read our emails properly and always reply with pasted messages so we sent the official letter on our letter head via fax to head office of facebook but still no response in last 18 days,

Today is 95th day since we are struggling for our rights and facebook doesn’t care about their users, thats how Facebook Users Operations Suck.

Please support us by spreading it because this can be happen to you as well.

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